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CBC-Badge-smallChampions Breed Champions is more than a company.

It is a concept that drives us daily to represent, inspire, and motivate others.  We are defined by the choices we make and the impact we have on the lives of others around us.

Justin EdwardsJustin EdwardsMy twenties were defined by an indomitable will to survive.  A constant struggle to break free from the chains of addiction; daily reminders of a greater purpose i was meant to fulfill.  I started my fitness journey in 2005 during one of these crossroads.  It became a passion and reset my focus on developing better habits that would ultimately move my life forward in a direction I could have never anticipated in those early days.  Throughout those years I was presented with opportunities and connected with people who would educate, support, and connect me to goals that have changed my life.

2012 marked a pivotal year for me.  I was prompted to step out of my comfort zone and start modeling, and ultimately to begin my NPC competitor journey.  Along the way, I experienced victory and defeat and today I can look back on each experience and all the time in between with a new perspective.  For me, it is all about personal growth and an ongoing commitment to better yourself every single day.  There were hundreds of people who have touched my life to challenge, support, and educate me along the way.  Now, it is my time and responsibility to extend the same information, resources, and encouragement to others.

Whether you are trying to lose 100 pounds or compete on the stage, we want to be a part of it.   Our place in your journey may manifest itself in a  word of encouragement, sharing your story, or a provision of the tools you need to succeed.  Our sole mission is to help you make your dreams a reality.

Welcome to Champions Breed Champions,

– Justin Edwards

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