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Heather Doughty: Featured CBC Athlete

heatherMy name is Heather Doughty. I am a dental hygienist by day and a Champions Breed Champions sponsored, nationally qualified figure competitor with the NPC all the time! I found my passion for fitness in 2009 when I realized that my unhappiness wasn’t caused by everyone around me but because of my disdain with what I had allowed myself to look like. I was starting to show signs of high blood pressure and having some joint pain. I decided when my doctor told me I may need to be on medication to find a different way out. I committed to the at home fitness program P90x for 3 solid months. I learned all I could about fitness, food and how MY body reacted to it all. After 12 long weeks of lifestyle changes I can honestly say I had found my niche! I was addicted to challenging my body to achieve new goals and pushing myself to do things that others couldn’t. I stayed committed to learning new things over the next 2 years. I became a certified P90x group instructor, logged over 100 hours of yoga and found a new passion of my own, body building!

I started weight training in 2012. I educated myself online learning more and more about competitive body building. I used and continue to use 12 week programs to keep my body guessing and ultimately growing! I learned that the body is always looking for homeostasis, and if you challenge it, it WILL change. In March of 2013 I decided it was time to put my money where my mouth was and step on that stage. I buckled down on my nutrition to be sure I was ready when it came to competition prep time. I, with the help of Justin, owner and operator of Champions Breed Champions, chose a 16 week competition prep with Paul Revelia to prepare me for the stage. I trained 6 days a week and kept a detailed food log. With Paul and Champions Breed Champions’ support, I took 3rd at my very first competition, the Big Bea Championship Event in Davenport, IA on April the 5th, 2014. I met so many wonderful people and learned so much about the sport of body building. I am working hard to bring an even more symmetrical and fuller package to the stage later this year!

Heather Doughty

Fitness and Nutrition Success Coach

Success takes Accountability

Phone:  (217) 778-1580

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